29 October 2018

The SKETCH system - coming soon

In the next few days Farsight Games will be releasing the SKETCH system on www.drivethruRPG.com as a 'Pay What You Want' product.

This isn’t the first version of this game; the SKETCH system was first designed and released more than ten years ago along with several settings and enjoyed a brief time in the light. This new version of SKETCH cleans up the rules a little and adds an option or two, but retains the simplicity of the original.

It’s assumed that you are already familiar with tabletop roleplaying games. SKETCH games are designed for one-off, single night adventures, for when gaming groups are taking a break between campaigns, or if a few players want to do a fast off-the-cuff adventure with no intention of getting involved in a long campaign. Of course, it can be used for long campaigns if you really want, but the simplicity of the rules and character creation is such that a game can be set up in minutes and run in just one night. The rules are simple and easy to use, requiring only the use of one six-sided dice for all aspects of the game.

So, if you find yourself stuck for an evening’s adventure and need something to play at a moment’s notice, or you want to playtest a new campaign setting you’ve designed, then a SKETCH game is your answer.

You can use the SKETCH system to create your own adventures, campaigns and settings using the OGL, and even sell your products as you see fit.

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