23 May 2018

Coming soon...

Farsight Games is a label I came up with a long time ago, a simple title that I could release my own creations under and make them identifiable.

It's laid dormant for a long time and I've done very little with it, but recently I have decided to make a move into the OGL arena, and the first games I'm going to be designing material for are the White Box Swords & Wizadry OSR game, and Dave Bezio's 'X-plorers' RPG.

It'll be nice to see Farsight Games get some daylight again. Here's to the future!


  1. Congrats! It would be great to see a blog post on some of your plans for these two games. Adventures? Supplements? Settings? What are your intentions?

    1. Thank you! Now that I have something a little more solid I can now start to share details.